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Sports Injury Treatment

Sports Injuries


At Pain Relief Limerick we deal with many sports injuries from soft tissue injuries to post-operative rehab. We help to prevent them as best we can, however, sometimes they are unavoidable. This is when we work with you to get you back on the playing field as soon as possible.

We work with you to design an appropriate rehabilitation programme which is specifically tailored to you and your goals.

We have a wealth of  experience in helping sports people from a wide range of different sports. We have worked with All Ireland winning Hurlers and Footballers, International Gymnasts and Track Athletes, Professional Rugby players, International Roller Derby players and Elite level Basketball players. The most common sports injuries we deal with come from individual athletes such as Marathon runners, Golfers and Tennis players.

Injuries we have experience in treating range from Sprained Ankles to Dislocated Shoulders to Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tears. There are very few if any sports related injuries that we have not treated successfully.

If you have an ongoing issue which stops you from performing to your full potential in whatever sport you play, please get in touch with us here to see if we can help.




Sports Taping and Strapping


Sports Taping and Strapping can be necessary to prevent re-occurrence of an old injury by adding extra stability to a joint. The most common type of tape used in Sports Taping is Zinc Oxide tape. Cohesive and Elastic Adhesive Bandages are also good methods of support.

Unlike Kinesio Tape, these types of tapes are only used during sporting events and not left on long-term. Overuse of a joint strap can lead to muscles weakening as they are not required to work when under pressure as the strap is doing the work which muscles or ligaments usually do.

At Pain Relief Limerick we can strap up any joint before a sporting event and give advice on rehabilitation necessary when the strap comes off. Strapping in the clinic will only take 5 minutes and will not incur a full treatment charge.

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