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“Reduce Your Pain From The Comfort of your own home”


For a number of years, at Pain Relief Limerick, we have provided the option of Telehealth, or Online Physical Therapy Consultations, to clients who were not in a position to physically come into the clinic. It is a service which a very small number of people availed of if they were sick, or on holidays. We have many clients who live abroad and will book in for a Digital session while they are away.

March 2020, and the Coronavirus has turned the whole Physical Therapy sector on its head. With many people not able to leave their homes, and the majority of Physical Therapy clinics closed down, people are worried that their back pain (or any other pain) is going to worsen and become debilitating.

This is where Online Physical Therapy becomes so much more important. Now is the time when people realise the importance of this type of treatment compared to Manual Therapy.

Manual Therapy is just one form of treatment we use. Yes, it feels good and gives you the impression that you would be lost without it, but it is not the be-all and end-all. Research repeatedly shows that Exercise Therapy and Rehab Therapy is, in fact, more beneficial than Manual Therapy.

What this means is, the most important and most beneficial forms of treating your pain, can actually be performed over a video call. At Pain Relief Limerick, we specialise in this sort of treatment. We offer Online Physical Therapy sessions from the comfort of your own home. It could not be any easier to use this service. If you are not very good with computers or phones, that is not a problem. We offer a FREE Discovery Session where you can sample a Digital Session, free of charge, and get a taste of what this type of session entails.

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What are the benefits of Online Physical Therapy?


  • You don’t have to leave your home or office. This is so convenient. You remain in your comfort zone and you dictate your surroundings. Forget about having to find a babysitter. Don’t worry about what you have to wear or how you need to look.
  • You don’t have to worry about parking. I hate looking for parking.
  • TIME! You only need time for the session itself and not the travelling to and from. This is absolutely invaluable. Nothing is more valuable than YOUR time. It might take you 20 minutes to get ready, 20 minutes to travel to the clinic, 10 minutes to find parking, 5 minutes to walk from your car. All before the session even takes place. All this and more can add up to 2 hours to your session on a normal day.
  • Stress-Free. All the factors above lead to a less stressful mood. Less stress leads to more success. If you are stress-free, you are much more likely to be pain-free. This often happens in fewer sessions than if you were to physically attend a session.
  • It couldn’t be easier to use. Even if you are not good with technology, it is so easy and we can show you how everything works
  • You can book your sessions ONLINE at a time that suits you. Pick a time to suit your schedule. It could be your lunch break if you are working. It could be your baby’s nap time. You could do it when the dinner is in the oven. It’s all about you

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