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Neck & Shoulder Pain

Neck and Shoulder Pain


Neck and shoulder pain can be debilitating and down-right annoying for many people. At Pain Relief Limerick  patients often tells us how it makes completing every day tasks painful and difficult. Some of these activities include:

  • Driving the car
  • Brushing, combing and washing hair
  • Gardening
  • Carrying bags of shopping
  • Hanging out washing

We often hear from people whose neck and shoulder pain prevents them from getting a good nights’ sleep which has knock-on effects the following day such as feeling too tired to focus on their work or socialise with family and friends.

What’s Causing my Pain?

The neck and shoulder are closely linked when it comes to pain and function – they must often work together when completing every day tasks such as driving. For this reason it is quite common that pain felt in the shoulder is a result of an injury or dysfunction in the neck and vice versa. There are certain pain behaviours that may point to your neck as being the source of your shoulder and arm pain:

  • Sharp shooting pain into the arm
  • Pins & needles or numbness in the arm and/or hand
  • Aggravation of your pain during activities that require neck movement.

There are a variety of causes of shoulder pain, for that reason shoulder pain can present with many different symptoms. The best way to get to the source of your pain is to book a physical therapy appointment where we will carry out a thorough assessment and design a treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs.

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