Knee Pain

Stop That Knee Pain, Before It Stops You

Without the need for Painkillers, Injections and Knee Braces


  • Do your knees hurt when using the stairs?
  • Does morning pain and stiffness get in the way of you starting your day on the right foot?
  • Is standing for extended periods of time uncomfortable?
  • Do you find yourself avoiding activities that involve twisting or turning?
  • Does kneeling for more than a few minutes aggravate your knee?

These are some of the common complaints we hear from people with knee pain here at Pain Relief Limerick. Many people with knee pain are more frustrated with the fact that it stops them from doing what they enjoy more so than the actual pain.

At Pain Relief Limerick our number one aim is to empower you to get back to the activities you enjoy. We will help you understand your knee pain and how to manage it to prevent future episodes of pain.

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How We Can Help

We know that being injured and having pain is stressful and can cause anxiety about simple daily activities, work or things that you normally enjoy such as walking, playing soccer or tennis. We aim to help reduce the fear around moving by explaining where your pain is coming from and why, what we can do to help and roughly how long it will take.

  • We carry out a thorough assessment of your knee to determine the cause of your pain
  • We implement a tailor-made plan based on your individual needs and activity goals
  • We use effective hands-on treatment to ease your pain
  • We can provide you with an individualised exercise plan that will help you return to being active


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