How to Take the Positives out of Coronavirus Self Isolation

How to Turn Self Isolation into a Positive

Make a PLAN

I didn’t have one.

When I realised I had to close the clinic for a few weeks, I immediately started worrying.

  • What was I going to do for money?
  • What was I going to do to fill my time?
  • How was I going to entertain my kids?
  • What were my staff going to do for money?
  • Will they still be here when this is over?

This wasn’t even half of what was going through my head, and if I’m honest, I didn’t sleep very well that night. The next day, I did some paperwork, did a bit of work on my website and took the kids out for a while. At the end of that day, I thought it wasn’t so bad, but I couldn’t keep it up for 2 weeks or more, so I needed to make a plan……..

So I did. And a week later, I must say, I have had a positive week. You can do the same.

Embrace the changes in your life and use them to your benefit. When you are at work you have a routine, so your body feels like it needs routine. Think about all your bad habits, they all take place during your time off work. You don’t sit on the couch for long periods at work. You don’t pick at food or sweets at work. (I hope) you don’t drink alcohol at work. You are more likely to pick up bad habits during your time off.

So make a plan. Give yourself a routine.

The first thing I did every morning this week, was 1 hour of playing with my kids. They painted my nails, did my hair and made me draw unicorns for them to colour. My oldest son was away for the week, I can’t wait until he returns so I can play pool or darts or football or hurling. This is absolutely invaluable, I haven’t had this amount of playtime with my kids in such a long time.

I made it my business to get 2 hours of admin for work and create rehab plans for clients who needed them done in the morning before lunch. Work I could never get done before because I didn’t have the time. I would do some housework to get myself up and moving after lunch. I got the kids involved in this. I used it as a way to teach them a few new things. Again, valuable time I never had before. While they settle in front of the TV, I managed to get some research done. Up to 2 hours a day of reading research papers to improve my knowledge and ability as a Physical Therapist. I was lucky to get 2 hours a month before the coronavirus!!!!!

I got a dinner cooked every day before my wife got back from work, all healthy and none of them rushed as we came in the door from work, like was usually the case. Then I went for a run every day, and did 30-45 minutes of structured exercise, every day. I did more exercise this week than I have done this year to date.

So, I went from panic stations 1 week ago, to feeling so pleased with myself and confident. So many people have so much more to worry about than me. Yes, I have to make sacrifices, but so does most of our great nation. But I have taken so many positives from being forced to be at home.

  • I know what I am going to do to from a business point of view right up until December
  • I am getting so much time with my kids
  • I’ve done some of the things around the house that my wife asked me to do last summer
  • I’m feeling fitter

I hope to get back to work soon with people under pressure for treatment and may do some consultations over a Skype/Zoom call. Things are already looking up, even though I still have no idea when I’ll be able to open up again.

Obviously your life is different to mine, but take this example and put it into practice for your life. Stop reading all the negative stuff and wondering what you are going to do with your life. Maybe you have financial issues, but to give credit to the government, they are doing everything they can and putting measures in place to help make that situation easier. I am confident things will get back to normal when this is over although this will take time. Don’t come out the other end of this regretting what you didn’t do. Positive thoughts and positive actions will get you through this, but a PLAN will make it so much easier. Now I have one.

Stay safe, stay clean, and listen to the experts. And if you need anyone to talk to, physio related or not, I’m only a phone call away

(061)276 410

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