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If you suffer from persistent and recurrent headaches physical therapy can help you

Cervicogenic headaches or as they are more commonly known, tension headaches can be the source of persistent pain in the neck, head and face. This pain often originates from the joints and soft tissue structures of the neck. These headaches can have a massive impact on quality of life as they often leave people unable to perform at work or enjoy time with friends and family. We often see people who have visited their GP or even consultants and neurologists, have been prescribed painkillers and even had MRI’s and CT scans with limited success. Although pain killers can help temporarily, they are not a long-term solution for recurrent headaches as they do not treat the root cause of your headaches.


Some familiar symptoms may include:
  • Headaches that get worse as the day goes on
  • Posterior head and neck pain that can radiate to the forehead, temples and eyes
  • Pain that increases in severity and/or frequency during busy and stressful periods of your life
  • Tension and/or pain in the shoulders and neck
  • Persistent pain after injury or trauma that involved rapid and awkward movement of the neck or compression of the head/neck


If any of this sounds familiar to you, then you can benefit from specialised treatment at Pain Relief Limerick


Here at Pain Relief Limerick, we can carry out a detailed and thorough assessment to determine the source of your headaches and identify any contributing lifestyle factors. From here we can put an effective treatment plan in place that can include soft tissue and manual therapy treatments. Finally, we will work with you to put an individualised home programme in place to ensure enhanced and prolonged benefits from your treatment.


Free Consultation

If you are unsure whether physical therapy can help with your headaches, then you can request a free consultation at our clinic on Mallow Street or have a chat with one of our therapists over the phone. A free consultation will allow our therapists to advise whether you will benefit from physical therapy without any financial commitment.


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