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Deep Tissue Massage is a great option for anyone who does not have a specific injury. If you suffer from aches and pains at work, it can give you great relief. If you compete in any sporting activities regularly, it can help with performance and reduce pain and stiffness after activity. Or if you just feel stressed and feel the need to loosen out, Deep Tissue Massage is a great option.

I like to look at Deep Tissue Massage as helping you avoid the need for Physical Therapy. If you get a Deep Tissue Massage on a regular occasion, it keeps your body in good working order and also allows us to spot anything that may be a possible precursor to future injury. Much like getting your car serviced, you service your car regularly to make sure it doesn’t break down, and during a service, the mechanic can identify any potential hazards such as worn tyres. By changing your tyres, it reduces the risk of damaging your car. Similarly, if you get regular Deep Tissue Massages, it reduces the risk of injury and if we spot a potential injury risk, we can give you some exercises to prevent it.

So….Don’t wait for your body to ‘Break Down’, Book your Massage and loosen up now!!



Everyone’s tolerance to pressure is different and can be influenced by different factors, it is normal to feel some discomfort during Deep Tissue Massage, especially when working on areas that are particularly tight or if you have taken part in a lot of physical activity recently. However, Deep Tissue Massage does not have to be painful, we welcome feedback throughout the massage and will adjust the pressure we use accordingly.

The best way to ensure you feel loosened out is to drink plenty fluids throughout the day, and if possible, do some light exercise.



Massage cannot be carried out in the presence of some conditions, we will ask you some brief questions about your general health before the massage.

  • We cannot massage where there is a rash or open wound,
  • Immediately after surgery, chemotherapy or radiation treatment,
  • Directly over a bruise or varicose veins,
  • Directly over a hernia or tumor.
  • Directly after a heavy meal. Don’t eat a meal in the hours before a massage.

Some conditions require you to get permission from your doctor before massage can be carried out;

  • Pregnacy. Massage can be safe during pregnancy but Deep Tissue Massage could be too severe for a pregnant woman. We will need to be aware of possible pregnancy before treatment so we can adapt the treatment slightly. It would be safer from your perspective to get clearance from your doctor.
  • Osteoporosis. Similarly to pregnancy, Deep Tissue Massage can be too severe on osteoporosis sufferers. A lighter massage would be safer, so we would need to be made aware of the condition and again would be best to have clearance from a doctor.
  • Heart conditions and blood pressure difficulty. Clearance must be got from your doctor before massage if you have a history of high or low blood pressure or heart conditions.

If you are in any doubt about whether or not you can have a massage, it is always safer to ask your doctor for clearance. If you ring us here in Pain Relief Limerick we can advise you. You can also Book a Free Consultation for Massage where we can discuss the treatment and let you know in advance if it is advisable for you.


WHAT should i wear?

When you are receiving a massage, you will need to remove some clothing, but only whatever you feel comfortable with. We recommend wearing loose comfortable clothing so that it’s easy to expose the area being worked on.

At Pain Relief Limerick, we take huge care in maintaining clients’ dignity and making each client feel safe and comfortable.

After massage it is normal to feel lightheaded or tired, we recommend that you drink lots of water to flush out all toxins and re-hydrate muscles.

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