Dry Needling

We sometimes use Dry Needling as part of a Physical Therapy treatment. It is a very effective way of treating some areas in a more specific way where it is too difficult or painful to treat with our hands. It is particularly helpful in treating smaller muscles or muscles which lie much deeper than most.

Dry Needling is not as effective as a standalone treatment as it is when used within a Physical Therapy session. If used as a standalone treatment, your recovery time is usually much longer.


Acupuncture needles are inserted into a specific area of a muscle to help release what is known as a trigger point and to increase blood flow into the area.

Imagine you have a kink in a hose. To release the kink, you squeeze the sides of the hose and effectively massage the kink out. In a case where you just couldn’t release the kink, imagine you just stuck a needle in the hose and the water started flowing again. A similar effect happens when sticking a needle in a muscle, except it is blood flowing through.

Dry Needling involves the use of Acupuncture needles but is a completely different type of treatment to Acupuncture


HOW do i book dry needling?

To book Dry Needling, click HERE and simply select Physical Therapy as your treatment. If you want Dry Needling included, just mention this to your therapist when you arrive

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