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Deep Tissue Massage




Deep Tissue Massage is a therapy which focuses on realigning deep muscle fibers and tissues. Deep Tissue Massage aims to release the chronic patterns of tension throughout the body with slow strokes and deep finger pressure on the contracted areas using the fibers of the muscles, tendons or fascia to dictate the direction of the strokes.

Deep Tissue Massage is a very similar technique to Swedish Massage but focuses on the deeper tissues to the superficial tissues targeted in Swedish Massage. The main objectives of Deep Tissue Massage is to treat:

Chronic pain

Limited mobility

Recovery from injuries

Repetitive strain injuries

Postural problems

Muscle tension and spasms

Deep Tissue Massage can be particularly helpful for sore neck and shoulders, lower back pain, tight leg muscles, and postural pain.



If certain muscle fibers are particularly tight and sore then Deep Tissue Massage can certainly hurt. It would be described more as discomfort than pain, but in some cases can be quite sore. It is important to inform the therapist at all times how sore it is because it needs to be kept within your own pain tolerance.

After the massage session, it is normal to feel like you might have some little bruises. If these are sore you can apply ice to help with discomfort, however, this is not very common. You should feel really relaxed, loosened out and fresh after a session.

Massage oil or wax is used so there is no friction pain or discomfort from the strokes on the skin or body hair.



With chronic muscle pain and tightness, there can be a build up of adhesions in the muscle fibers, tendons, and ligaments. These adhesions can block out circulation and cause pain, limited movement and inflammation. Deep tissue massage physically breaks down these adhesions which relieve pain and restores normal movement.


Massage cannot be carried out in the presence of conditions such as;

A rash or open wound,

Immediately after surgery, chemotherapy or radiation treatment,

Directly over a bruise or varicose veins,

Directly over a hernia or tumor.

Directly after a heavy meal. Don’t eat a meal in the hours before a massage.

Some conditions require you to get permission from your doctor before massage can be carried out;

Pregnacy. Massage can be safe during pregnancy but Deep Tissue Massage could be too severe for a pregnant woman. Swedish massage or pregnancy massage would be safer and would still require clearance from your doctor.

Osteoporosis. Similarly to pregnancy, Deep Tissue Massage can be too severe on osteoporosis sufferers. Swedish massage would be safer and again would need clearance from a doctor.

Heart conditions and blood pressure difficulty. Clearance must be got from your doctor before massage if you have a history of high or low blood pressure or heart conditions.

If you are in any doubt about whether or not you can have a massage, it is always safer to ask your doctor for clearance. If you ring us here in Pain Relief Limerick we can advise you.



When you are receiving a massage, you will need to remove some clothing, but only whatever you feel comfortable with. Some massage techniques can be performed through clothing, however, this would not be as effective or comfortable as massage directly on the skin.

What we recommend is that you wear comfortable, respectable underwear. You will be covered by a towel at all times and only the area being massaged will be uncovered. Some people opt to wear a pair of shorts as well as underwear and this is perfectly acceptable. For females, we recommend that you wear a rear opening bra which can be left on and opened when massaging your back. Sports bras are not recommended as they cannot be opened to treat the back. However, if you feel more comfortable wearing a sports bra we can work through it.

At Pain Relief Limerick, we take huge care in maintaining clients dignity and making each client feel safe and comfortable.

After massage it is normal to feel lightheaded or tired, we recommend that you drink lots of water to flush out all toxins and rehydrate muscles.

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